Cancer and Infertility Options

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One of the many unfortunate and life-changing effects of cancer and its treatments is the possibility of infertility following treatment. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can all negatively affect fertility and it’s important to know those affects prior to undergoing cancer treatment. Talk with your Oncologist about those risks and discuss... Read more »

Why Visit a Fertility Specialist

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If you and your partner have concerns about infertility and are looking for answers to your fertility questions, you can visit a fertility specialist to discuss the possibility of infertility and your options for treatment. A fertility specialist can offer insight and diagnoses beyond the training of your primary care... Read more »

Six Tips to Prepare For Conception

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Conceiving a child is not always a simple feat for every couple, but you can increase your fertility by priming your body with simple lifestyle changes. We offer the following tips to help you achieve optimal health in preparation for pregnancy: Take preconception vitamins and supplements. There are several key... Read more »

Ovulation Induction Can Help You Conceive Despite an Ovulation Disorder

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Ovulation Induction Can Help You Conceive Despite an Ovulation Disorder Ovulatory disorders are one of the most common causes of infertility. If a woman is not ovulating regularly each month, it makes getting pregnant much more challenging.   One of the signs of irregular ovulation is inconsistent menstruation.  For couples trying... Read more »

What Is Fertility Preservation and Why Should You Consider It?

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Fertility preservation is essentially freezing eggs, freezing embryos  and cryopreserving sperm for future use.  Individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer may undergo treatments that potentially compromise fertility.  Freezing eggs or sperm allows that person an opportunity down the road to use their own gametes for reproduction.    If the... Read more »

Tips for Insurance Open Enrollment

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This is often the time of year when your employer’s insurance plan has open enrollment.  It’s a good time to examine your insurance coverage for fertility treatment, a time to make a change if another plan suits you better and a time to get familiar with the details of your... Read more »

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